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Socials initiatives

Our credo is "With people and for people".


Since its foundation, Svarog West Group Corporation has been pursuing an active social policy, cooperating with the communities of villages and cities on the territories where it operates. The main goal of this work is organizational, methodological and financial-material support of public initiatives that promote the development of territorial communities and increase the level of their social security.


In order to realize this goal, since 2006, the corporation has implemented a social investment program "With people and for people".


Meetings, discussions and training courses are organized, which help representatives of communities:

- to understand their needs and problems and identify ways to address them;
- to establish relations in the society on the basis of trust and cooperation in order to jointly implement important projects for their community;
- to form initiative groups that will develop programs for the promotion of society and raise funds for their implementation.
The company supports territorial communities in the spheres of education, culture, medicine, sports, spirituality and public welfare, military support, as well as targeted assistance:
Targeted assistance - allocation of funds for expensive treatment of seriously ill people, assistance to families affected by emergencies, large families and low-income families who are in difficult life circumstances, support for veterans and disabled veterans of the Second World War, people with special needs and older people.
Education - providing general education schools and pre-school educational institutions with sports equipment and materials, carrying out repair work in the premises, providing office equipment, connecting to the Internet. The implementation of the scholarship programs stimulates the improvement of the level of teaching.
Spirituality - repair and reconstruction, construction and improvement of church buildings, co-organization of summer camps at church institutions, co-organization and financial support of marches to sacred places, acquisition of spiritual accessories (icons, crosses, etc.), as well as improvement of cemeteries and holy places .
Culture - carrying out of current and capital repairs of premises in rural houses of culture, purchase of computer equipment, multimedia and musical equipment, scenic costumes for participants of artistic collectives, financial assistance in carrying out cultural events.
Medicine - repair and reconstruction of medical facilities, provision of medical equipment, acquisition of specialized transport, support for responsible, initiative medical workers, provision of medical facilities with modern office equipment.
Sport - providing teams and institutions with sports equipment and uniforms, organizing sports competitions, financial support for participants of regional, all-Ukrainian and international sports competitions, repair of sports halls, rewarding initiative, talented sports representatives and arranging playgrounds.
Military support - repair of military equipment, purchase of specialized equipment, uniforms and personnel protection tools, support to the families of those who died.
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