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Employees – are the main and the greatest asset of the company with the highest value. Being a leader in Ukrainian agribusiness, we are constantly working on development of professional and personal qualities of our employees.


The welfare and safety of our employees are key priorities to our business activity.


We create conditions, where our employees have an opportunity to reach their full potential. We care about their health and lifestyle.


The main legal instruments governing relations between employees and management are the collective agreement and the set of organizational documents that provide the basic principles of personnel management in the corporation. The requirements of these documents apply to all Svarog West Group companies.





The corporation’s Health & Safety Service was established in May 2010, bringing health and safety services of all Svarog West Group enterprises together into a coherent system.

Improving working conditions of employees is one the top priorities of the Health and Safety Service of Svarog West Group. Each year the company invests in equipment, training and medical examination to achieve more comfortable and safe working environment of its employees.


The health and safety management system has been introduced in all enterprises of the corporation. The system allows establishing a control over the indicators of production and professional risks, ensuring safety of personnel at workplace, improving organization of workforce, equipment compliance and production process according to regulations on safety, prevention of injuries, occupational health, operational safety, quality investigation of accidents and promotion of healthy lifestyles. In 2016, 606 thousand UAH were spent in order to improve working conditions.

Industrial safety rules

Rules and regulations in process safety, as well as Collective Agreements, post descriptions, health and safety service regulations which determine standards of conduct for employees while they are fulfilling their employment duties or while they are within the territory of the company function at all Svarog West Group enterprises.


Svarog West Group gives special attention to providing its employees with protective clothing, footwear and other personal protective products.


The corporation continually conducts employees’ health & safety trainings. The staff is trained every year before spring works in educational and training centre and directly on sites.


In 2013 Svarog West Group conduct certification of working conditions for 36 jobs at the cost of 39.7 thousand UAH in order to identify harmful and hazardous working environments, eliminate negative impact on employees, provide a basis for claim an exemption and compensation (additional holiday, additional rate payment, privileged pensions, provision of personal protection products, milk, etc.).


According to the regulations of the corporation, a system of preventive, preliminary and periodic medical examinations has been developed. Annually, workers involved in hazardous and dangerous operations pass medical examination.


Absence of occupational illnesses during 2006 – 2019 is a great indicator of usefulness of this programme. Based on medical examination results, workers, if necessary, are sent to sanatorium-resort therapy.






Svarog West Group is one of the main employers in Khmelnytskyi and Chernivtsi regions. Our workers’ wages are the highest among agricultural enterprises in these regions.


Since 2011, Svarog West Group has been participating in the research conducted by Ernst & Young consulting company on industry salaries, compensation, personnel policies and practices, to ensure its employees are properly rewarded.


The company is interested in establishing conditions under which our employees will fully reach their potential and achieve outstanding results. In order to achieve this goal, the corporation created:

  • integrated remuneration system;
  • personnel evaluation program;
  • staff training and development program;
  • employee motivation program, based on results of the entire company, each department and individual contribution of every employee;
  • providing each employee with the necessary information including technical and communication equipment to perform the tasks effectively.





Svarog West Group considers education as a valuable tool for business development. This approach integrates both training program and staff development into the overall development strategy of the company. The company believes that a well-constructed training system improves competence of all staff, their loyalty, finding and developing new talents, and strengthening the competitive advantage of the corporation.


The training and development program is based in accordance with the strategic goals of the corporation. The corporate standards and benefits of an individual approach are an integral part of the training program. All employees are given an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills through participation in workshops, seminars, conferences, master classes and exhibitions that provide a way to share experiences and better use of practices.

Every employee can participate in:

  • general corporate training programs (workshops, seminars, master classes);
  • specialized courses;
  • public educational events.


Internal seminars are conducted by experts of the corporation or specialists from partner companies are invited. Every year during winter season 100% of managers, professionals and experts of manufacturing departments receive trainings on field work technology for current year. This helps to prepare workers for new season, to educate specifics of agronomic practices according to crop rotation. All employees to ensure qualification after completion of training program pass tests.


New program aimed at young professionals, students and graduates for internships and practice, was launched in 2012. This program provides an opportunity to educate future generation of professionals of the corporation. Trainees gain all necessary practical experience directly from qualified instructors.


In and after 2016, over 82 students of production specialities (engineers, agronomists, tractor drivers in agricultural production, veterinarians) took part in “My career in Svarog” program and about 23 young workers were placed in jobs.


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