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Within the framework of Svarog West Group Corporation’s activities not only successfully established production processes, but also introduced a number of systems that allow growing crops with high yields, minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Thus, the corporation adheres to such aspects of rational agriculture:

- Development of own agricultural machinery, aimed at increasing production efficiency;
- Cutting costs by participating in alternative / green energy projects: using crop waste to generate electricity and heat, cultivating crops with high energy potential;
- Use of technology for storing livestock wastes in order to reduce gas emissions, production of organic fertilizers, alternative energy (along with crop waste) throughout company's territories;
- Precision agriculture (PA);
- Crop rotations;
- Drip irrigation;
- The production of organic fertilizers has been established.
In addition, by carrying out environmentally friendly organic and non-GMO production, Svarog West Group Corporation promotes intelligent agriculture as the basis for sustainable development of agribusiness. One of the directions of the company's social policy is the elimination of spontaneous landfills on the territory of rivers, forests and settlements throughout company's territories.
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