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Livestock Project of Svarog West Group Corporation does dairy farming. In 2019, the corporation operates 10 farms in Khmelnytskyi and Chernivtsi regions, with a total heard stock of 9 thousands heads of cattle, among which 4,3 thousands heads of milk cows.


In 2017 the gross milk yield was 23 487 tons per year.

In 2018 the gross milk yield was 24 325 tons per year.

In 2019 the gross milk yield was 22 427,1 tons per year.


Cattle farms of the company have the status of stud farms for breeding Aberdeen Angus, Ukrainian white-headed and Ukrainian red-and-white dairy breed, and nucleus for breeding Ukrainian black-and-white dairy breed. Increase in efficiency of dairy livestock is promoted by selective stud work with its improved breeding and productivity.

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