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03 March 2017
On March 2, 2017, in Shepetivka, there was held a regional meeting with the participation of representatives of the Head Department of National Police in Khmelnytsky oblast and community formation that protect public order. The main topics of the discussions are the results cooperation between the police and community formation during 2016, ways of improving the effectiveness of public safety and order as well as crime prevention in the future. Representatives of «Svarog-Zahyst» are among the organizers of the event.
According to Mykola Semenishin, the Chief of the HDNP in the Khmelnytsky region, who opened the meeting, previous year, thanks to reformation, became crucial in the functioning of the national police.
– Last year we came short 20% of police officers, so we asked community for help. Thanks to work of community formations that regularly maintain public order in cities and districts, we have successful results of joint work in 2016, during which we have examined about 160 thousand people’s treatments. In addition, we succeeded in successful implementation of such projects as «Sports, Police, Children» in schools in Khmelnitsky and Sudylkiv, «Neighborhood Assistance» in Volochysky District, «Safe House» in Khmelnytsky. At the same time, it should be noted that legislation that regulates the activity of community formations in the maintenance of public order requires changes and improvements. So this year we hope to get support of the deputy corps in this matter.
After the speech, the chief of HDNP in Khmelnytsky region awarded the leaders of the most active community formations with medals, honorary mentions and memorable gifts, including Vasyl Brezitskii, the Head of CF PPO «Svarog-Zahyst» According to him, during 5 years public formation has been being a reliable assistant to the police in ensuring security and order in the city and district, as well as effective prevention of crimes. He comments on this next:
– In Svarog West Group Corporation we believe that an effective striving against crime needs joint efforts of the public and the police; therefore, in 2011 it was decided to create a community formation that will stand guard in the safety of the city and the region – «Svarog-Zahyst». We were provided with uniforms, special equipment, vehicles and legal support. The governance of that time police developed a schedule and a patrol plan, we received appropriate instructions and started to work. Our community formation closely works with police, participates in regional meetings and seminars, moreover, citizens fully trust us security of their lives. The award which we received today is the result of the working of our entire team. We believe that if our patrolling on the streets and area makes at least one law-breaker to refuse to his criminal intent, then our work won’t be vain.
Valentyn Bilyanskii, the Head of the Department of Preventive activities HDNP in Khmelnytsky region, made a report on the results of cooperation which were gained in 2016 between authorities and police regional units from one side with citizens and community formation of protection of public order on the other side; local officials attending the meeting noted the increasing in confidence to representatives law enforcement agencies among the citizens and wished them success in their work.
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