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26 March 2019
Optimize and improve

The results of the competition for the creation of the best technological development in all spheres of Svarog West Group Corporation activities "Box of Ideas" Contest 2018 have been summed up. One of the projects was a mechanized platform for feeding out round bales of hay/straw to a shredder.

According to the results of the defense, the decision of the Expert Сommittee and the approval of the Board of Directors of the company, - Valerii Haluza (“Platform for feeding out hay or straw bales into a shredder” project) came out the winner of the Contest. 
The main aim of the project was to improve the safety of workers, to supply uninterrupted mechanized passage of bales to the shredder, to reduce the working time of specialists for the production process, as well as saving energy in the absence of idling. This mechanism makes it possible to chop straw and hay into fodder for animal feed.
The project implementation has reduced the cost of using a tractor-loader and power consumption in the amount of more than 12,000 UAH per month, which, with constant cyclical production processes, demonstrates significant savings, according to the results of a test demonstration in January 2019.
Specialists of the company, interested in improving processes, often offer solutions for optimizing daily activities, and the concept of the "Box of Ideas" was developed to encourage such ideas. Now the new collection of project applications starts.
проект Галузи - подача тюків сіна
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