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11 July 2019
Blahodiina Khmelnychchyna-2018 regional competition

According to the results of the Blahodiina Khmelnychchyna-2018 regional competition, Svarog West Group Corporation took 2nd place in "Corporate Charity" nomination.

The purpose of the competition: development of effective socially-oriented charity, patronage and volunteering in Ukraine by publicly stimulating the best benefactors, patrons and volunteers, their organizations and practices.
Competition objectives:
  • popularization of charity, patronage and volunteering, their organizations and effective practices;
  • awarding the best patrons, benefactors and volunteers, their organizations and effective practices, other groups and organizations, implemented significant charity projects and actions in Ukraine during year;
  • informing the public about the best practices of charity;
  • popularization and encouragement of a wide circle of citizens to charity.
The winners of the Blahodiina Khmelnychchyna-2018 regional competition are:
"Benefactor of the Year" nomination
1st place - Dmitro Savenko
2nd place - Sudak Inna 
"Corporate Charity" nomination
1st place – Volochisk-Agro, LLC, agri-industrial holding Astra-Kyiv
2nd place - Svarog West Group Corporation
"Charity in the Social Sphere" nomination(consolidated)
(Consolidation of applications in 2 categories: "Charity in the social sphere", "Charity in healthcare")
1st place – Khmelnytskyi Charitable Foundation “Hesed Besht”.
2nd place - Volunteer Leadership Movement ("Development" NGO)
3rd place - All-Ukrainian charitable organization "Care for the elderly in Ukraine"
"Regional charity" nomination
1st place - Volunteer movement "Do good - give hope"
2nd place - Charitable organization "Kolhofer Family Fund"
3rd place - Charitable Organization "Charity Fund" Noble Hearts "- Eleos- Khmelnytskyi
"Local charity" nomination
1st place - Charitable Foundation "MIST named after Mikhail Savenok"
2nd place - NGO "Netishinskaya Self-Defense"
3rd place - Fund "Center Dobrynya" Khmelnitsky Army and SOS
"Good Starts with You" nomination
1st place - Khmelnytskyi Secondary school of I-III steps No. 21
2nd place – Izyaslav Educational complex "Secondary school I-III, Art. No. 2, lyceum" named after A. Kushniruk
3rd place - Council of Khmelnitsky city student government "New generation of the city"
"Collective Volunteering" nomination
1st place - Khmelnitsky Regional Branch of the International Charity Fund "Not Indifferent People"
2nd place - Netishyn Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children
3rd place - Dunaivtsi Сomprehensive school of I-III steps No. 4
 “Благодійна Хмельниччина”
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