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20 March 2019
Assessments of winter crop conditions

The agronomical service of Svarog West Group Corporation note that the condition of winter wheat on 16 thousand hectares and rapeseed on 3 255 hectares is satisfactory, because the cultivation technologies were observed.

It all depends on the start. In the case of winter crops, it is important to conduct the first technological stage in time - the autumn sowing campaign. Taking into account the peculiarities of the soil and climatic zones of the three regions of the company's activity, the sowing dates were maximally observed. Along with this, such details were taken into account: varietal characteristics, weather conditions, predecessors, moisture reserves, soil types, quality of seed. This year weather conditions are optimal for the development of winter crops. On the positive side, wheat and rapeseed were sown in moist soil. For two and a half months of autumn 2018, the weather was warm and contributed to the rapid development of winter crops. Due to good weather conditions, winter wheat had no problems with germination.
"Fertilization of winter crops is being completed, as well as harrowing operations to retain moisture. Crops were fertilized with ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, carbamide, KAS-32. Winter wheat actively consume nitrogen from the tillering stage till the beginning of earing, that is, during the growth of vegetative organs.The most intensively springtime assimilation of nitrogen by winter rape occurs during the period from the beginning of the renewal of spring vegetation till the blooming", - Serhii Boliukh says, Chief Agronomist of the Northern Region.
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